Incenso Satya Positive Vibes

Incenso Satya Positive Vibes
Nag Champa
Number of Cards
12 bastoncini
cm 20
gr 15
2.50 EUR
Angolo Esoterico, Esoteric Corner
Incensi, Incenses
Rilassati e rinvigorisci la tua anima con il profumo dolce e rilassante di Positive Vibes. L'incenso Positive Vibes apporta benefici e aiuta a cambiare il tuo punto di vista per il pomeriggio e a liberare il tuo spazio dal pessimismo attraverso una fragranza dolce e assassina!

Loosen up and invigorate your soul with the relieving sweet-smelling scent of Positive Vibes. The Positive Vibes incense benefits and helps shift your viewpoint for the afternoon and clear your space of pessimism through a sweet and killing fragrance! Mend your body, mind, and soul with this encouraging smell of Satya Good Vibes Incense.
Envelope yourself in the inebriating fragrance of positive vibes incense and advance those positive energies. Inspirational tones are conceivable when you consume this elevating incense for positive energy!

Our sweet killing incense assists with getting out lousy energy and helps make an inspirational perspective as the day progressed. The best incense for positive energy accomplishes something other than clear regrettable energy; it welcomes inspiration to fill the heart and psyche.