Cards for Magic

Cardistry is a branch of illusionism. As the name suggests, the cartomage aims to achieve illusion effects through the use (as a single or main means) of playing cards. Cartomagic can be done using an entire deck of cards, a few cards (Packet Trick) or even a single card. Regular cards, rigged cards or a mixture of them can be used. 

Nothing like cards has been studied better in magic and no branch has reached such complexity in terms of quality, number and variety of techniques and games designed.

It is nice to note that many young boys begin to try their hand even in pre-school age and only through the technique acquired with the long exercise does their ability and a strong personality emerge.  This is why every magician has to face sooner or later the study of the cardomagic technique and will make one, two, more cards appear first and then disappear from the tip of his fingers.

The magic cards on sale in the shop are mainly the Bicycle® produced for over a century and the most recent production of Theory11 which excels in quality and currently finds its place in the hands of the most successful magicians in the world.